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Terms and Conditions
Booking Conditions
.Booking Conditions
The following booking terms and conditions ("Terms") set out the rights and obligations of yourself as the charterer ("Charterer") and us Kutluay Yachting hereinafter to be referred to as "Bookagulet"
Charterer and Bookagulet may be referred solely as a Party or jointly as Parties.

  Option Request
The Parties hereby agree that preliminary reservation of the selected yacht ("Yacht") for chartering during a period selected by Charterer ("Yacht Charter") shall herein after be defined as "Option". It is understood by the Parties that Charterer shall forward an option request to Bookagulet ("Option Request") enabling the Option for 72 hours ("Option Period"). After the submission of the Option Request by the Charterer, the Option Period may be amended by Bookagulet at its sole discretion and without any reasonable ground for the amendment.
The Option Request does not confirm and guarantee the Yacht Charter. The Option automatically lapses at the end of the Option Period, unless it is converted to a reservation upon confirmation by the Charterer's signature of the contract ("Yacht Charter Contract") to be executed with the operator in question ("Operator") and the payment of the deposit pertaining to the Yacht Charter

  Booking Request
The Parties hereby agree that the reservation of the Yacht for the Yacht Charter upon the execution of the Yacht Charter Contract and the payment of the deposit by the Charterer shall hereinafter be defined as "Booking". It is understood by the Parties that Charterer shall forward a booking request to Bookagulet ("Booking Request") upon accepting the Terms and the Yacht Charter Contract and paying the deposit-50% of the charter price- online via credit card to have the confirmed booking ("Booking Confirmation")
In order to effect the Booking Request, the deposit amount shall be effected. For this purpose, Booking Request shall direct the Charterer to the secure online payment page for effecting the deposit via credit card. In paying the deposit the Charterer is deemed to have read and accepted the Terms which form the contract between the Charterer and Bookagulet, and the terms and conditions of the Yacht Charter Contract.
The details of the Yacht Charter shall be checked carefully by the Charterer before the Booking Request is made and the deposit amount is affected.
Upon the Confirmation of the Booking, in case of a change with respect to the Yacht Charter the provisions of change as prescribed hereunder shall be applied.

  Booking Confirmation
The Booking Confirmation shall be received by the Charterer within 24 hours. The Booking Request may also be declined. So it is recommended to the Charterer that before the receipt of the Booking Confirmation, the flights shall not be booked nor any travel arrangements shall be made in a finalized manner.
The Yacht Charter Contract shall be received with the Booking Confirmation to sign. If Booking Request is declined, the deposit received shall be paid back in full. There might be delays and problems in emailing system; therefore the Charterer should contact Bookagulet if a reply, affirmative or negative, is not received within 24 hours as from the Booking Request.
The Charterer shall read the Booking Confirmation and voucher to be dispatched upon the Booking Confirmation (together the "Confirmation Documents") carefully to ensure that they accurately reflect the Booking Request and immediately inform us of any discrepancies. In any case claims with respect to discrepancies shall be forwarded within a period of 2 days as of Charterer's receipt of the Confirmation Documents. The failure by the Charterer to submit its claims arising therefrom shall be deemed as Confirmation Documents' compliance with the Booking Request.
After the Booking Request is confirmed, the signed Yacht Charter Contract shall be dispatched for the attention of Bookagulet immediately. The signed Yacht Charter Contract shall be dispatched as hard copy. Dispatch of the copy of the same via fax or the scanned version shall be accepted provided that the signed hard copy shall follow the referred faxed or scanned version. The passenger list details shall be entered to the relevant at "my bookings" page available to the Charterer in the website of Bookagulet. Any changes to the passenger list can not be done until 2 weeks prior to the date of the Yacht Charter unless mutually agreed to by the Charterer and the Operator.

  Yacht Details
Specifications, measurements, product data and pictures are for generalized informational purposes only. The discrepancies are possible between the shown and the Yacht. All details contained herein neither represent or warrant the full inventory of the Yacht and are presented as an overview list.

  Yacht Availability
All Operators reserve the right to replace the Yacht -should the Yacht booked become unobtainable- with a similar sized yacht. At the sole discretion of the Operators, a full refund of all monies may be paid for the original yacht.
Route Suggestion
Route suggestions are made for the Charterer to see possible routes might be followed during their charter. However the skipper of the Yacht reserves the right to do some changes within the cruise programme according to the sea and weather conditions for the safety and security of the Charterer. 

Charter price includes in minimum the rent of a yacht with its indicated equipment for that specific period of time, fuel consumption for 4 hours cruising per day and the service of skipper and crew. Prices are exclusive food, drinks and any other costs arise during the Yacht Charter unless stated otherwise. Stated compulsory extras are to be paid with the purchase of the indicated Yacht Charter is to be paid at base on embarkation.
All prices shown are in Euro currency and payments are accepted in Euro currency unless otherwise is mutually agreed to. With the credit card payments, the exchange rate costs might arise. Hence, the Charterer, upon reading this provision acknowledges the exchange rate costs and is aware of the fact that different amounts arising there from may be displayed in its credit card abstract.

Bookagulet collects the cruise price pertaining to the Yacht ("Cruise Price") on behalf of the Operator in question. In some cases, Bookagulet can make the necessary amendments so that direct payments are made to the Operator. Total cruise price includes charter price pertaining to the Yacht ("Charter Price") and one way fee if applicable. Total Cruise Price of special offers including last minute and one way offers is paid in the time booking. For the bookings over 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the Yacht Charter, 50% of the total cruise price is paid in the time booking, and the rest, 50% of the total cruise price, is due to the four weeks prior to the commencement of the Yacht Charter. Payment shall be received before the dead-lines indicated. The booking shall automatically lapse if payment is not received. Total price of compulsory and optional extras if applicable is due to the commencement date of the Yacht Charter and is paid to the Operator at base before departure.

  Methods of Payments
Credit card, wire money transfer and mail orders are accepted methods of payments. Booking Request offers only credit card payment method via secure online payment system. If the Charterer wishes not to use the online payment system, the option request choice shall be used and the Charterer shall contact Bookagulet promptly to advise the method of payment the Charterer would like.

Any changes to the chosen optional extras can be done at the member page of the Charterer without any charge. However changes after 2 weeks prior to the commencement date of the Yacht Charter shall not be acceptable unless mutually agreed with Operator. Any changes to the booking after confirmation shall qualify for a 50 Euro charge to cover the administration expenses and any other price changes might be applicable based on change.
The Charterer hereby acknowledges that a change may be made among the yachts of the same Operator if deemed appropriate. In other words, after the booking of a certain yacht, the Charterer reserves the right to ask for the booking of another instead of the already booked yacht belonging to the same Operator as the latter.
In case of a change with a yacht belonging to another Operator, the referred change shall be construed as a cancellation by the Charterer, thus triggering the procedures for cancellation by the Charterer set out in the Yacht Charter Contract.
Changes for special offers are not applicable.

Any relevant regulation prescribed under the Yacht Charter Contract shall be applied in case of a cancellation by the Charterer.

The boarding to the Yacht shall be made at a destination referred to in the voucher as the contact address unless otherwise informed by the Operator.
Except when advised separately the Charterer is responsible for making its own way to the boarding destination.

  Passports and Visas
The Charterer is responsible for ensuring that all necessary documentation including passports and visas are duly attained in a legally conforming manner for the Yacht Charter. All passengers shall have a valid passport and visa for international travel.

The majority of charters shall commence at 17.00, ending at 09.00. Exact start and finish times shall be shown on the Yacht Charter Contract and in the voucher. It is requested from the Charterer that the time details are understood and adhered to. Changes or Extensions may only be possible with the approval of the Operator.

  Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be subject to Turkish Law and all any dispute arising from or in connection to this Agreement shall be settled by the courts and enforcement offices of ─░zmir.

  The Yacht Charter Contract
Bookings on Yachts are accepted subject to the standard terms of the company with whom the Charterer books the Yacht Charter. Therefore the Yacht Charter Contract varies based on the Operator with whom the Charterer books the Yacht Charter and it is required from the Charterer that the Yacht Charter Contract is read and fully understood before the completion of the booking process. A copy of the Yacht Charter Contract shall be sent to the Charterer and it is requested from the Charterer that signed copy of it is returned immediately. It should be noted that all contracts list Bookagulet as an intermediary only and any dispute shall be between the Charterer and the Operator without any effect on Bookagulet. © 2006
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